Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Small sale

NYX eye shadows - $2.00 each including shipping
-Velvet blue
-24 Karet
-Jazzy Bronze
-October Sky

NYX lipsticks - $2.00 each including shipping
-Kona Coffee
-Iced Lavender
-Iced Latte

Wet'n'Wild Mascara in Mega Lash & Mega Wink both in black - $1.00 each including shipping

I think these are Estee Lauder brushes but letters are missing - $4 for both including shipping

SK brush set - $10 shipping (Disclaimer - the brow brush/comb came apart when I first bought it so hubby had to glue it back together. All other brushes were barely used.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not fresh...

Taken last week... MU not looking as fresh and no lippie since it was the end of the day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SK haul...

What do you do when you can't afford all the MAC you want? You go to Target and stock up on SK! That's right Sonia Kashuk!
Along with that, I got the SK blending Sponge & a brush roller. I love the SK blending sponge ($9.99). It works very well at blending my concealer and hiding your flaws and it also works great for liquid foundation too.
I bought the SK holiday gold set and I love it! I love the sleek handles and the case that came with it! It was super cheap too so I can't complain. It came with 7 brushes but don't know where the powder brush went. L to R: crease/blending brush, small eye shadow brush, concealer brush, smudger brush, angled eyeshadow brush & brown brush/comb. This set was only $19.99 which I think is a very good price for the quality and quantity.
SK flat top blusher brush ($14.99): This brush feels so soft but I have yet to find a use for it. The bristle is very dense but honestly, I think it's a little too long. When I tried using this brush, the bristles just kind of bends and it doesn't go where I want it to. Unless you are looking for full coverage, I wouldn't use this brush.

SK white handle crease brush ($6.99 or $7.99 - can't remember for sure). In the picture above, I can comparing it to the gold handle one I got in the SK holiday set. I like the white handle one more as it is not as big as the gold handle one so it works with my crease alot better. The gold one is a tad big for my eyes. The white handle one is comparable to the MAC 217, a very close dupe.
Yours truly!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Walgreens mini haul

Jane OneLiners Eyeliner in 08 coffeeline, 10 smokeline, 12 blackline, 1 snowline.
Jane Translucent Powder in 01 colorless.
Jane Blushing Cheeks in 02 blushing blossom & 07 blushing plum.
Jane BePure Mineral Blush in 01 soft mink.
Jane Eye Zing in 11 clubbing.
Jane BePure Mineral gel eyeliner in 04 black.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel (used for a face primer)

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Monday, April 13, 2009

CS haul...

Very nice and sleek packaging... The black plastic palette case looks exactly like the box.

I purchased the matte & shimmer palette! Exactly the same colors in the same order, one is just matte and the other is shimmer!

The concealer & blush palette! I really love the blush palette. The colors are very pigmented and all the colors are beautiful. Even the funky coral color! The concealer palette is okay. Most of the color will be a waste though!
Here's a swatch of the concealer palette!


I am itching to cop that Botkier bag, it's not that expensive and they are also having a pretty good sale on some of their nylon bags, if anyone is interested! I been saving for the LV Bowling Montaigne GM in Cassis! I just love the LV Epi collection! I also love the LV Alma MM in Pomme D'Amour too! That's a pretty expensive piece though! My collection of handbags is definitely itching for a new addition though, well, I like to tell myself that! The hubby definitely disagrees though! Hahaha! He did say that I can get a new bag when we go on vaca in August to Hawaii though but I much rather have one now and one then! Hahaha! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My newest look!

My newest look! J.Lo inspired bangs and rockin' my new glasses! My everyday look, not much makeup cause I am usually too lazy in the morning! Hahaha :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

NYX swatches!!

I know, FINALLY! Sorry but it's alot of colors! 43 to be exact!

DISCLAIMER: First time ever doing swatches so please forgive me and I'm not that good with my sister's camera... So some of the colors may not look their best! Also, I am comparing some colors to MAC colors but only the ones I know of and or own... May not be the best comparision.

Mediterranean: Nice shimmery light light brown

Algae: True green color
Snow cone: Good highlighter
Eutopia: Nice brown/bronzy color

Marrakesh: Has a very dirty brown undertone
Pink Oleander: Orangy pink color - don't think I will be using this color
Slate: Very nice color

Khaki: Not as green as the picture is making it out to be
Chocolate: Light chocolate...
Ocean frost: Good highlighter

Aqua Marine: Light turquoise color - Reminds me of a light MAC Steamy
Red Bean: Love this color, can't wait to do a look with it! Very nice purplish red color
Egg white: Nice highlighter...

Halaiwa: Nice baby blue color
Ballerina: Soft pink
Skin: Nice highlighter

Navy: Has a purple undertone...
Shimmer: Goldish orange
Sweet Lagoon: It's a very soft blue color (couldn't make it come out right on camera because of the white undertone), very pretty

Space: Very pretty soft paler purpler
Dust: Another good highlighter or under eyes to make it look open
Wild flower: Really love this pink color, can't wait to do a look

Velvet blue:
Sunset: Orangy color, don't plan to use this color
Mink brown: Lovely soft brown color... Love the shimmer in it

Apricot moose: Don't think I will be using this color much
Cream cheese: Another good highlighter or under the eye for the open look
Walnut bronze: Close to MAC Bronze, just a tad lighter

Jade: More blue than green, doesn't seem like jade at all
Salmon: Close to Mac Honey Lust, not as glittery though
Beanie: Reminds me a light MAC Trax

Peach: Very glittery color
Olive green: Yellowish green, doesn't seem like an olive green color at all
October sky: A light blue color, just a little darker than Aqua

Earth: As the name states, it's dark dirt color
Aqua: Very very light blue
Karet: Orangy undertone red color, not as orange as the picture though

Cedar wood: Shimmery gold brown
Toffee: Light gold color
Jazzy Bronze: Redish pink color

Alaska: Has a brown undertone
Grey: A very light grey color
Platinum silver: Very shimmery

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Product review: Hot Tools 1" Professional Spring Curling Iron

Last week I purchased a Hot Tools 1" Professional Spring Curling Iron from Folica and it arrived this past Tuesday. I had food poisoning yesterday so couldn't do a review. Today, I got to play around with is a little and here are the results.

I curled my sister's hair! I didn't have much time so I kind of rushed through it! She has pretty thick hair and we didn't put any products in her hair. The temperature was at 5 and the curls stayed in pretty well.

I think that this is a very good curling iron for the price. It heats up really fast, 30 seconds to a minute and it's piping hot. It has a on and off switch and dial for heat temperature (1-10). The cord is pretty long and the end has a swivel so the cord doesn't get all tangled. I am very satisfied with this product and would order it again. Also, you can't beat the price...