Monday, April 6, 2009

NYX swatches!!

I know, FINALLY! Sorry but it's alot of colors! 43 to be exact!

DISCLAIMER: First time ever doing swatches so please forgive me and I'm not that good with my sister's camera... So some of the colors may not look their best! Also, I am comparing some colors to MAC colors but only the ones I know of and or own... May not be the best comparision.

Mediterranean: Nice shimmery light light brown

Algae: True green color
Snow cone: Good highlighter
Eutopia: Nice brown/bronzy color

Marrakesh: Has a very dirty brown undertone
Pink Oleander: Orangy pink color - don't think I will be using this color
Slate: Very nice color

Khaki: Not as green as the picture is making it out to be
Chocolate: Light chocolate...
Ocean frost: Good highlighter

Aqua Marine: Light turquoise color - Reminds me of a light MAC Steamy
Red Bean: Love this color, can't wait to do a look with it! Very nice purplish red color
Egg white: Nice highlighter...

Halaiwa: Nice baby blue color
Ballerina: Soft pink
Skin: Nice highlighter

Navy: Has a purple undertone...
Shimmer: Goldish orange
Sweet Lagoon: It's a very soft blue color (couldn't make it come out right on camera because of the white undertone), very pretty

Space: Very pretty soft paler purpler
Dust: Another good highlighter or under eyes to make it look open
Wild flower: Really love this pink color, can't wait to do a look

Velvet blue:
Sunset: Orangy color, don't plan to use this color
Mink brown: Lovely soft brown color... Love the shimmer in it

Apricot moose: Don't think I will be using this color much
Cream cheese: Another good highlighter or under the eye for the open look
Walnut bronze: Close to MAC Bronze, just a tad lighter

Jade: More blue than green, doesn't seem like jade at all
Salmon: Close to Mac Honey Lust, not as glittery though
Beanie: Reminds me a light MAC Trax

Peach: Very glittery color
Olive green: Yellowish green, doesn't seem like an olive green color at all
October sky: A light blue color, just a little darker than Aqua

Earth: As the name states, it's dark dirt color
Aqua: Very very light blue
Karet: Orangy undertone red color, not as orange as the picture though

Cedar wood: Shimmery gold brown
Toffee: Light gold color
Jazzy Bronze: Redish pink color

Alaska: Has a brown undertone
Grey: A very light grey color
Platinum silver: Very shimmery


ekimura said...

nice swatches! Nikon are great if you are going to stay with nikon slr,
since all the lens fit with all models of nikons slr.
with canon not all lenses fit with their models. the lenses is what lets you take amazing photos so you really want to invest into the lenses that is why I choose nikon you can upgrade the body and still use all your lenses! But they are both amazing slrs if you are seriously interested sony alpha is great camera too! if you have ritz camera near by you should go test em :)

Askmewhats said...

wow on the swatches!!!!

_Mari_ said...

thanks for all the swatches!

Kate Gene said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post these swatches. Taking photos of products and editing them take forever. Thanks again!


Kate Gene