Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yay! It's here!

It's finally here! Took long enough! Hahaha, I'm just impatient... Or so I am told! 43 NYX eyeshadow and 30 lipsticks. I plan to do swatches of each one this weekend! Until then enjoy! Sorry, didn't crop the pictures!

Package it came in...

Eyeshadow, each individually wrapped in bubble wrap...

NYX eyeshadow...
NYX lipsticks...
I was on the phone... Multi-tasking! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Outlet haul

So yesterday, I went to the outlet with a friend! I didn’t get too much but I did get some good deals! I got a black & white leopard print Betseyville bag, a purple patent leather Coach wristlet and the MAC #185 buffer brush. The brush is so soft and it feels so good, it’s a Limited Edition brush so I’m glad to snatch that up! I can’t wait to try it! I definitely can’t wait to use these items! I got 4 sweaters/hoodies for fatty! I tell yah, I spoil him rotten but he seems to think he spoils me more! Whatevs!

I have been searching online for a new camera! Any recommendations?!? I have decided to go with a point and shoot since I guess I don’t really need a DSLR. Let me know if you have any recommendations on brands or know of a good deal online!

Have a blessed rainy day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teeth dreams & product review: A&H Whitening Booster

So lately I have been having this really weird dream. I feel like it’s a continuation of dreams! Two weeks ago, I had a dream that my all my teeth was falling out small piece by piece. I was so worried I even woke up fatty and asked him what it means when you have such a dream. He obliviously didn’t know… So I tried going back to sleep but did have a hard time falling asleep. Then, that very same day, as I was eating a pretzel rod, I chipped my tooth. Not the front ones, thank goodness. It was one of my back molars and one the inside of my mouth, if that makes sense. Like I said, I was eating a pretzel rod when the actual tooth chipped so I was like, ‘what the heck, why this there such a hard piece of salt!’ and I spit it out and threw is away not realizing it was part of my tooth. Later I realized that part of my tooth was gone so I immediately called Cheng and told him.. ‘That’s what my dream must mean!’ Hahaha… I also made an appointment with the dentist too so that I can get it checked out. Well, within the last week or so, I am continuing to have these dreams and I sure hope another one of my tooth isn’t going to chip… I would be pretty sad! But I did some googling and when you have dreams about your teeth falling out, rotting, breaking or any sort of such, it’s because you are stressed out! Can’t say I’m not stressed out so I am just hoping it’s that!

Alright, long enough story, here is my product review!

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster! It’s the best invention for teethes thus far! I swear by it and I don’t think I could ever brush my teeth again without it! I have only been using it for a week and it’s done miraculously for me! I use to use the whitening strips but I dread it since I hated the taste of it, I hated waiting through the treatment, I hated not being able to brush my teeth after the treatment and mostly I hated not seeing any results! So I stopped using the strips and started to save up some money to get it down professionally at the dentist! Well, with this new whitening booster, after a week of usage I can tell a difference already. It has lightened my teeth at least 1 or 2 shades lighter and I even got FAT to start using it too. All you have to do is, when brushing your teeth, you put tooth paste and a little of the A&H Whitening Booster on your tooth brush and just brush away! I usually brush my teeth for two minutes and you can’t use it more than 3 times a day! What I love about his product is that it takes no extra step than the normal brushing of teeth; it makes your toothpaste foamy so it feels good and the best part, it whitens! I purchased mine from Wal-Mart for only $4.39, what a steal compared to $39.99 for a box of whitening strips! I LOVE this product and I plan to tell anyone who’s willing to listen!! Hahaha….

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing special...

Green beer was okay, nothing special! I did a green look last night and damn, it was HOT! It came out exactly how I was imagining it! Hahaha! Bad news though, I had no camera to snap a few! Boo... I know! Got to invest in a camera! :(

Anyways, no time to blog much today so enjoy the photo! Have a blessed day...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NYX: Goddes of the night!

Thanks to NessasaryMakeup for sharing that NYX was having an awesome sale! What can I say, I couldn't pass it up! I purchased the lipstick lot and the eyeshadow lot... Including shipping the grand total came to $77.26 only! What a steal since I will be receiving 73 items! I can't wait to get it and I will definitely do swatches!

Here's a preview of what I should be receiving in the mail next week! Hopefully!

Anyways, today's St. Paddy's day... Most definitely sporting green and the high is going to be 72! WHOOT WHOOT! I hate the cold with a passion so I am so HAPPY! Hubby and I will be celebrating tonight with Jennifer and her soon to be Fiance - probably at a local Irish bar down town! Can't wait to try some green beer since I never had it before. Hahaha...

I always hear about the river in Chicago being dyed green during St. Paddy's but have yet to make it down there to check it out! Being that St. Paddy's is during tax season, it's always a no go... Hmmpp!

Fatty and I went running yesterday... For 2 freakin' hours! It felt good but damn, are we sore! The nice hot shower after definitely helped out though and it felt damn good to be outside in the nice weather too! Hope that we continue this routine, I definitely need to shed some pounds!

Anyways, have a blessed St. Patrick's Day! I'm going to try and do a product review of this awesome item I discovered sometime soon so stay tune...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So last night as we were watching some TV in our room and winding down from a very long day of work... Our electricity went out. Of course, Cheng automatically blames it on me and my space heater... Saying that's the reason why our electricity is out. As he heads down the the basement to check the fuse box... He finds out that the whole house is without electricity. Then we hear lots of talking outside. As we look outside, alot of our neighbors are outside talking about the outage. I guess people assume to go outside right away... I don't know. Once we looked at the dead street light, we realized that the outage was effecting everyone in our neighborhood. Fatty finally find us a flashlight as I call the electric company. As I was on hold, I was thinking that if I had no electricity, would I survive? That would mean no hair blow dryer, no refrigerator, no space heater, no TV and no light... So, I have come to the conclusion that I would not survive! How do I know this? I am too hight maintenence. Hahaha! Atleast I could admit it!

Anyhoo, I am at work today and the damn receptionist decided that she wasn't going to come in (probably from being too hungover!) so I am helping filling in. UGGHH! That means that my day at work today will be even longer. Was hoping to get out of here at 2:00pm but probably won't get out until 4:00 or 5:00 now! Gosh, long hours sure do suck! One thing, if you can't stand the heat, get the f*** out of the damn kitchen! People, don't go drinking if you know you have to work at 7:30 the next morning!

Anyways, have a blessed Saturday!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Is it true that you are a nerd if you wear glasses?!? I would have to say no since I am rockin' a pair now! So, had to give in and get glasses! Bubba and I both! He thinks I look smarter with glasses? What's that suppose to mean? Did I look dumb before or should I take that as a compliment?!? Hahaha! Anways, I'm loving my new glasses! Well, of course I love it, I wouldn't have picked it if I didn't like it! Grr, no camera ATM so can't take a snap shot! Hopefully soon! He looks mighty fine with his glasses too! So sophisticated is what I told him! Hahaha!

Anyways, I ordered the Manly Pro 120 eyeshadow palette about a month ago and I received it 2 weeks ago! I have to say, it's been fun playing with it! I'll have to do a look and post up pictures when I get a camera! I also purchased the Sonia Kashuk gold Holiday makeup brushes... They were on clearance at Target, of course! I haven't used them yet but plan to this weekend! :) Hope they're better than the white Sonia Kashuk set I have! I barely use that set...

Anyways, have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a little about me...

Me, myself & I! That's what this blog will be about! My life isn't exciting or anything special but it's about me... So hope you enjoy!

I just got married in August to the one MAN that loves and adores me! He spoils me rotten and showers me with much love! Really, I couldn't ask for a better husband! That's us on the left, newlyweds then!

Life could be better but then again, life could be worse with this GREAT DEPRESSION we're going through so I can't complain! I just count my blessings because I know that the MAN above is awesome! He sees me through the good and the bad!

Anyways, tootles!