Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NYX: Goddes of the night!

Thanks to NessasaryMakeup for sharing that NYX was having an awesome sale! What can I say, I couldn't pass it up! I purchased the lipstick lot and the eyeshadow lot... Including shipping the grand total came to $77.26 only! What a steal since I will be receiving 73 items! I can't wait to get it and I will definitely do swatches!

Here's a preview of what I should be receiving in the mail next week! Hopefully!

Anyways, today's St. Paddy's day... Most definitely sporting green and the high is going to be 72! WHOOT WHOOT! I hate the cold with a passion so I am so HAPPY! Hubby and I will be celebrating tonight with Jennifer and her soon to be Fiance - probably at a local Irish bar down town! Can't wait to try some green beer since I never had it before. Hahaha...

I always hear about the river in Chicago being dyed green during St. Paddy's but have yet to make it down there to check it out! Being that St. Paddy's is during tax season, it's always a no go... Hmmpp!

Fatty and I went running yesterday... For 2 freakin' hours! It felt good but damn, are we sore! The nice hot shower after definitely helped out though and it felt damn good to be outside in the nice weather too! Hope that we continue this routine, I definitely need to shed some pounds!

Anyways, have a blessed St. Patrick's Day! I'm going to try and do a product review of this awesome item I discovered sometime soon so stay tune...

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