Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Chicago trip...

Tri-color but not really!
Spring roll - DH's favorite! He could eat spring roll everyday if he could.
Us at Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue...
Another one!
Fatty!Me! Extra chubby!Us in the Cloud Gate! :)
Another one!
Bubba being a goofball!
DH in front of the Art Institute!
Me... BLAH!
Me, inside the museum!
Fatty, caught off guard!
Us before we left the hotel on the 2nd day!
My look for the 1st day!
My look for the 2nd day!


Diane said...

cute post! Did you guys get a pass or did you just roam around town bc you knew where to go? Ive only gone once but i want to go again to visit museums and stuff!

that pho makes me hungry and i love tri color!

GirlAboutTown said...

i want a baby bump pic! soo cute!!!