Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grrr @ glycerin!

Been on the hunt for glycerin. Been to too many Wal-marts, Walgreens & Targets! Should I just give up? Ggggrrrr! As I been hunting for glycerin, I been hauling also. Hahaha... Mainly Jane & Prestige! Did you ladies know that JANE is going bye bye and all their stuff is on sale at Walgreens? Some Walgreens are even selling them for a buck or two only! Check it out if you have not! :) Will do pictures of my hauls soon!


sanniet said...

ohh! glycerin...hrmm usually its very difficult to find those. I say your best bet is amazon or something...but if you don't want to order it online err I'm not really sure haha >_< I've never actually bought it before. But they sell it online I know for sure!!!

Are you trying to make a mixing medium?

Nicki said...

Just stopping by to say hi and that I'm following you. Found your blog on PH. Just like reading up on makeup tips from fellow Hmong peeps.

YingX said...

hi. so how is your hunt for glycerin going so far? it may be you are looking in the wrong section. they are usually with the first aid stuff. i got mine from rite aid in the first aid aisle. good luck.