Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Very busy but also very fun! We spent Fri, Sat. & Sun. in MN with family so it was awesome! Friday, Kaying and I went garage sale shopping almost all day! She can really garage sale shop! She bought lots of stuff! I only got a work out mat, binocular for the hubby & two eye shadow! Haven't really tried it out yet but plan to soon! Then I went to visit my grandma which I will talk about in another post. Sat, I did some shopping for Mother's Day then we went to Kevin's (my BIL) graduation and then went out to eat at the something Moon buffet. Can't say I am a big fan of buffets but the company is always good! On Sunday, we prepared a Mother's Day brunch and played tons of games and had a devotion. Then I went top visit my grandma again and it was a sad goodbye! :( We didn't leave MN until 9:00pm so didn't get home til 1:00am... Man, did I pay for it yesterday! Couldn't stop yawning and had to drink coffee...I even had to take a nap when I got home from work... Hahaha! This coming weekend will be another long weekend too! Heading to Appleton...

Will be posting up some MU post soon! If I am not too lazy! Hahaha

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