Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had an ultrasound done last week and the tech did a 4D shot of baby’s face and he’s so adorable! He looks a lot like his dad and he definitely has his dad’s nose… Hahaha :D I’m currently 28 weeks and 3 days! Not too much longer to go! :D I can’t wait to meet the little stinker!

My grandma is really sick, please pray for her! :D My mom is having a really hard time coping! I can understand, the love between a child and their mom is unbreakable, no matter what! We hope that she’ll pull through!

Did a major makeup haul recently and will be posting pictures soon! :D


LYsA|X said...

such an adorable baby..
best wishes to your grandma.. hope she gets better.

Ketmany said...

i love 4D ultrasound! when i saw mine i knew my son would have my nose, and he totally does :) i love!