Saturday, March 20, 2010


Why am I drooling over diaper bags?!?

Because these are the two I want! :D Got to find a way to talk hubby into letting me get one of them! He'll die if he finds out how much they cost so I won't be telling him! Hahaha! Instead, I am going to sell him on the fact that they are both versatile enough for him to carry if he had to do baby duty by himself! I like the Gucci one a little better because of the black color but the Burberry one is a little cheaper... so I'll take either! :D Wish me luck as I work my magic! Otherwise, I am going to have to settle for a Kate Spade diaper bag... :D Which is fine also but who wouldn't want Gucci?!?

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KohLepe said...

Hey hot mama.. how are you doing? Glad to see you on here again. =) I like them both.. leaning toward the Burb cuz I haven't seen people with it. Gucci is cute too and probably won't get dirty easy. Burb can be hard to take care off..but it's too cute!

Hope all is well with you and your little muffin.