Monday, June 8, 2009

The Body Shop Mask Sheet: Fresh Fruit Lemon

WARNING: View at own risk!

So recently, my sister and I hit up Walgreen and picked up these face mask made by The Face Shop. They were pretty cheap, 2/$5.00. This is the first one that I tried and I really like it. I also got an Aloe mask and I'm pretty excited to try that one next. The lemon one really does hydrate my face and also makes it super soft.

Instructions are on the back, wash face as normal, use toner and then apply mask as last step.

This is me after my face wash routine, no make makeup, and before putting on the mask. Please excuse the big zit on my forehead. I'm not a pretty site but I did warn you above! Hahaha

This is how the mask looks on my face! Hahaha, reminds me of that one mask from Scary Movie. I love how its all cut out and everything! :) It smells really good and not strong like real lemon juice. I left the mask on for about 15 minutes, you'll know when it starts to dry up.

End results, you can see a little but of shine/moisture. Once I took it off, I pat it dry! My face felt so soft and good and it gave me a little bit of a glow, hard to capture on photo (my camera skill sucks too)! Can you tell, I was trying to muti-task too!?! Hahaha

Overall, I could see myself using the product again. I want to try all the different kinds that they have available at Walgreen. Although, Walgreen has a very limited selection! :(


Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh wow! this is great, I should pick-up one for myself sometime this week. Dont feel bad, I am so bad at shooting face portraits also. It takes a lot of practice, we'll get there lol.

BTW what kind of camera are you using?

KRYSTAL said...

oOO cool! i should pick ip myself some of that, its pretty cheap! i havent given my face a mask treat in a while too haha

Mz Lily said...

The picture didn't turn out so bad...great multitasking as well. lol... Sometimes, the cheap products work better than the expensive ones. I would def have to pick these up and try it.
btw - thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll be married for 11 yrs this August. How time flies!

izumi said...

nice :D depends on the walgreens! sometimes they have a lot.. mine has like. 8-10 possible masks though they're usually all never in stock at the same time.

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review :) Never tried TBS masks! thanks

Nicki said...

Interesting! I wanna try!

Sorry for the no Following gadget on my blog but you could always add in your Reading List under Dashboard. :)

Nicki said...

You're so silly!

I used to post more on PH but now I just lurk. Leelaay don't post anymore. I think she deactivated her account.

AbcGrrrL said...

The Lemon sheet is actually one of my favorite ones from Walgreens. I also like the cucumber one too!

FuN and MakeUp said...

my mom has a lot of those masks.. but i never tried them.. i should!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Happy Thursday!

I nominated you as blogger's "Adorable Award" grab it at

K.Lo said...

tee hee LeLaaay is still on PH but under a different name! :D lol I saw the lemon mask when I went to Walgreens but I was like, "Lemon? Sounds like it'll sting!" But I'm going to get that one now cuz it seems like it wasn't that bad for you. :D Still going to try the aloe one tonight. -pheejhlub