Thursday, June 4, 2009


Game is on tonight at 8:00 CST! Be there or be squared! Hahaha :) Can't wait, going to grill out tonight and make some yummy papaya salad to go with the brats & ribs! Will also be making a bomb taco dip, recipe courtesy of KAYdawg! If I remember, I will take pictures! :)

Ugg, trying to figure out what we're going to be doing in TAMPA! Got all excited cause I thought there was going to be outlets in Tampa but not really. Debating if we should make the drive Orlando for some shopping! Ugg, super mad that the trip is now cut down to so short! :( We'll be going from 7/2-7/5 only! Anyone been to Tampa before? Holla at cha girl!

Sorry, no beauty stuff as of late, just too darn lazy! Plus, I got this ugly ass pimple on my chin that needs to disappear ASAP! I just did a haul at the CCo so will be posting about it soon!

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Nicki said...

Have fun in Tampa!

I'll be going to Miami a week before you. Never been to Tampa though.

I hate getting those stupid pimples on my chin too.

Planning on grilling this Sunday too. Ribs and papaya salad are extra yummy.